Mar 27, 2018

Leather Pauldrons



Adding pauldrons to my leather jerkin. I had originally made a set of courbullio, wax impregnated leather shoulders for this armor that I used to wear with a chainmail apron, but that was some 20 years ago and they have been lost.


With a little care armor pieces will last many years so putting in some time to upgrade this old piece is a good investment.




I first made a paper pattern and traced it on the backside of the leather. In armor as in garb the pattern is everything. Also, good planning of resources, notice how I lay out my pattern to make the best use of my leather.


After cutting out the pieces I wet shaped them around a pipe and then let them dry. I used a space heater set on low to help speed the process.

Then I test fit them on my arm with the armor on to see how the fit . I marked them to make sure when I riveted them to the strapping I got the spacing right.

Setting the rivets. Using scrap leather I made two long straps that would hold the pieces together and allow them to float and move nicely. You don't want them to snug or they will lock the lames in place.

The top pieces were then trimmed and secured to the main piece. I added a loop to hols the pauldron to my biceps.


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  • Recently I've been working on on leather crafting and getting some idea's out of my head and into real world. Strangely that seems to be taking to work on Orc armor. Yeah that's not where I started off but it's how it's going. I can't show any pictures right now as I'm just getting the patterns worked out this week for few things and I'm terrible at taking pictures but I can post a reference for a gauntlet that I am working on. No not my work but it's what I'm working from. Working out some kinks with my design of it I might need a bit of assistance. So bit by bit I will work on it as I stand back and work on other parts. Next up archer's or should we say ranger shoulder armor. A single sleeve of leather strapped to my body with a segment of armor going down it to protect when I am firing arrows at friends.......errrrr Foes! Yes FOE'S! *Cough* Anywho the only part I haven't worked out is the actual shoulder piece of the armor but I should have that in a day or so( want to mold it but I'm considering doing slits or darts and bending and stitching. we shall see what comes out.). After that a nice Big Ab belt that will be sistered with chest and back armor. Yup now you can see where the Orc ideas started coming in. But any Tips or tricks you may have for me would be fantastic. Pictures soon, I promise!
  • Ever since Sir Ceannric's first post of portals on the Facebook page, I've been inspired. I've incorporated ideas from it into my character's backstory. And because of it, I've liked the idea of making a self glowing orb. So far, the closest I've gotten is whats pictured above, which is an actual picture unedited and taken in a pitch black room. I used a fillable x-mas ornament with a remote controlled color-changing LED, as well as some plastic bead fillings I found. I'm trying to make it more permanent, so I'll post more about it as I work. So the best colors on this project are purple, blue, and red. Another obstacle I'm facing is the seam from the ornament, which is why I'm looking for a way to make it more permanent like using resin or a substitute of some kind. Or doing such a fine sand job on the seams that its unnoticeable. Also with the purple one above I lightly sanded the outside so the clear beads on the inside looked more cloudy. I'll do that for the final version too. I'm also trying it with a much bigger orb (unpictured) but the LED is too weak for it, so I'm trying different lights for it. I'll update more on this project when I can.
  • For those who may like to create something unique for themselves, but have no idea where to start, this thread will document my progress creating some new leather armor for my character. Hopefully some others can take inspiration from it to try to make something new.

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