Quality armor in the traditional design, the Butted Short Sleeved Blackened Chainmail Hauberk! This armor offers you protection from a variety of attacks while engaged in the fray of battle. Carefully constructed from 9mm gun blued steel, the butted design offers you the balance of weight and protection, and free range of arm movement, with the length that will keep your torso and thighs safe. With this ageless styled chainmail, feel confident in your armour defense, while successfully throwing offensive attacks. Complete your armour with this authentically built Butted Short Sleeved Blackened Chainmail Hauberk! 

Butted Short Sleeved Blackened Chainmail Hauberk

SKU: IF-200730
    • Crafted from 9mm gun blued steel
    • Short sleeve hauberk design
    • Balances protection with optimal movement
    • Waist: 39 Inches
    • Length: 43 Inches
    • Weight: 17lbs