Classic styling, this weapon features a circular pommel and an elegant beveled cross-gaurd. This blade is designed to be used both one and two-handed, known as a Bastard Sword. Not as large as a true great sword, it will give you an edge over a standard long sword, and for added control and power there is enough room on the ample grip to go two-handed.

With our rigorous training and years of experience, our gear makes us the perfect symbol of peace and righteousness, even beyond our lands. With this sword your name will be remembered, each one of us is a page in the history of our kingdom.


Made of safe Calimacil foam, this weapon will give you years of good use thanks to its unrivalled durability. The pommel and guard of the sword is darkend steel-coloured and the handle is black. The blade is silver-coloured to make a unique and incredibly realistic weapon.

Great as an upgrade or a first sword, the Classic Hand And A Half is extremely adaptable. Many fighting styles can use the simple efficiency of this versitile weapon to their advantage.

Bastard Sword - Classic Hand And A Half

  • SKU NO110FD
    Weight (gr) 443.0000
    Total Length (cm) 103
    Blade Length (cm) 81
    Blade Thickness 2.5
    Blade Color Silver
    Blade Type Diamond V7 Narrow
    Handle Length 22
    Grip Length (cm) 13
    Cross Guard Width (cm) 17
    Core Fiberglass
    Material Calimacil Foam
    Country of Manufacture Canada