This Visored Barbuta Helmet is as protective as a typical barbute and then-some, thanks to the added visor. The visor is distinctive in design and use. It has two rectangular eyelets, and a cross-shaped cut-out which acts as an air hole, helping to ventilate the helm. There is a small hook at the side of the helmet that latches the helmet down and secures it in place.  The sides of the helmet feature small pins and chains that holds the visor to the helmet. This helmets visor can be rotated up or to the side, or can be removed entirely! It is crafted from quality steel and has an dark metal finish. The finish also offers the advantages in the form of rust protection, and proves remarkably resistant to imapacts and scratches. The inside features a liner (both for comfort and for making small adjustments to size). This Dark Visored Barbuta Helmet is protection that any warrior welcomes when marching onto battle.

Please be aware that the appearance of the dark finish can vary from the image shown.

Dark Metal Visored Barbuta Helmet

SKU: 20123350
    • Dark Metal Finish
    • A Traditional Italian Barbute With A New Touch
    • Features a Removable, Rotating Visor
    • Helmet Has a Liner
    • Offers a Great Level of Protection
    • Medium: Fits a 23 to 26 inch head circumference
    • Large: Fits a 24 to 28 inch head circumference