With his lantern as only source of light, Naeem was walking slowly. It was forbidden to enter the Tomb. Those who dared enter risked being struck by a terrible curse, but the young warrior was determined to find a symbol that would help him gather a vast army to face off Vizir’s monstrous hordes. After passing through countless puzzles and traps, the young adventurer finally reached the tomb’s inner chamber. On a rack next to the sarcophagus was that symbol he wanted so much : A sword whose guard was covered in gold with green scarabs ornaments. Excited, Naeem took the sword and felt a flow of energy running through his veins … an almost divine energy. 


Was the sword really magical and capable of giving its possessor the power of eternal life? Only time would tell …



Born from a collaboration between Atelier Fantastic’Art and Calimacil, this sword, like its predecessor, combines mystical Mythology to the purity of the blade, inspired from the time of the ageless warriors. The green scarabs that acts as ornaments on the guard are symbols of reincarnation. Finally the steel blade adds a touch of realism that makes the end product both suited for fantasy and historical characters.


With the proper background, almost any kind of character can use this sword. It could have been looted from a traveler’s dead body or stolen directly from a tomb. This blade will be more than appropriate for characters such as warriors and clerics/priests. It could also have its place in the hands of a lord or king or even in a dragon’s treasure mound ...


Khepri II The Sand Scarab

  • Weight (gr) 563.0000
    Total Length (cm) 125
    Blade Length (cm) 93
    Blade Thickness 1.9
    Blade Color Steel
    Blade Type Diamond V8
    Handle Length 36
    Grip Length (cm) 19
    Cross Guard Width (cm) 25
    Core Fiberglass
    Material Calimacil Foam
    Country of Manufacture Canada

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