The Naginata Glaive is made from extremely durable foam. Sealed with a strong coating of latex, it does not shred. Deal two-handed and stabbing damage while carving a swath of destruction with this Naginata Glaive!

A round flexible fiberglass core with strong Kevlar core tip protection provides the safety features looked for by the fine sighted “weapons check” crew!

The suede wrapped handle color will vary between black and brown. The color of the guard and end cap of the handle will vary between bronze, silver or gold. We will send what is available.

Maintain your latex weapons like we do! Some degree of maintenance is recommended for your latex weapons. You may purchase Maintenance Silicone separately in our Accessories section. It is recommended you use the easy, spray on application of Silicone on a regular basis. This will help keep the coating flexible and make your weapon last much longer! (The maintenance silicone helps the weapon resist wear and tear and the coating from drying out.)

Naginata Glaive

SKU: 402817