Want to be a part of the adventure, but not interested in fighting? Then this Event Package is for you.


Non-Combatant Day Player


Join in the festivities of the weekend, have a front row seat on the action, and be a part of the adventure.


Mountain Run Winery will be transformed into a fantasy medieval tavern for the event, and you will be able to purchase wine, cider and mead throughout the day, and food from the onsite grill. The The event will play out throughout the afternoon into the evening, enjoy dinner at the tavern with adventureers tails, campfires, and revelry.


As a Non-Combatant you won't be fighting in the battles, but you can take part in the non-comabt portions of the evnt and all of the role playing fun.


Reserve a Rental Tabbard $10

Dress the part! Rent a tabbard from us or wear your fantasy medieval garb. You ca also purchase new and additional fantasy medieval garb and gear from the LARP Adventures website.


Camping Add-on $25

Bring your own tent and join us for the weekend!


A day of adventure, an evening of revelry, nights under the stars and memories to last a lifetime. What more could anyone ask for?


The adventure doesn't end when the sun goes down.


Participate in the day’s adventures and spend Friday and/or Saturday night camping with us at the winery! 


Feast and Meal Plan $20


Friday night  - Traveler's Supper $5

Breakfast- Saturday and Sunday morning from 8-9:30AM $5 

Adventurer's Lunch - Meats, cheese, bread, and fruit in the tavern $5

Saturday King's Feast $15

Buy a'la carte, or save and get the Meal Plan for just $20.00 

(you can also bring your own food)

Non-Combatant Player

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Camping Add-on
Tabard Rental
Meal Plan
  • The Non-Combatant Event Package is $15. 


    This includes access to the event, Mountain Run Winery, the tavern experience, and participation in the non-combat portions of the event and quest activities.


    The design team of LARP Adventures has created a fantasy medieval world for you to experience; a world of fun, role playing, intrigue, mystery and adventure.

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