An iconic form of medieval chainmail armor, the hauberk offers protection to the arems, torso, upper legs. Short sleeves and falling just above the knees, it helps you stay cool and provides you with an excellent advantage to maneuver.  The links are constructed in a riveted design, measuring 9mm in diameter and 1.6 mm thick, resulting in an excellent level of strength and an ageless look. This 14 gauge aluminum mail is a light-weight alternative to steel armour and can be paired with other pieces of body armour for a complete 3E ensemble - perfect for re-enactments! 

Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Hauberk - Short Sleeve

SKU: IF-200750
    • Made from aluminum
    • Constructed in riveted chainmail style
    • Features short sleeves
    • Great addition to medieval warrior ensembles
    • Goes well with other armour sets
    • Small: 39.4 Inch width, 39.4 Inch length, 11.8 Inch sleeve length
    • Medium: 47.2 Inch width, 41.3 Inch length, 11.8 Inch sleeve length
    • Large: 55.1 Inch width, 43.3 Inch length, 12.6 Inch sleeve length