Protect yourself in battle with the centuries old design of the Riveted Long Sleeved Chainmail Hauberk! Carefully constructed from 8mm non-galvanized steel, the riveted style offers you a durable piece of armor. Wide openings on the arms allow you to propel easy and effective offensive attacks. This thigh length hauberk replica easily protect your torso and legs. A trusted piece of armor that will stand up to the riggers of battle with comfort and added safety of this item.

Riveted Long Sleeved Chainmail Hauberk

SKU: IF-200741
    • Crafted from 8mm non-galvanized steel
    • Riveted hauberk long sleeve design
    • Balances weight and protection
    • Great for 3E and reenactments
    • Waist: 55 Inches
    • Length: 45 Inches
    • Weight: 48lbs