Charge confidently into battle wearing this ageless protection - the Short Sleeved Butted Chainmail Shirt! Shaped into a short sleeve shirt, this item was crafted from galvanized 9mm steel. The butted design offers you moderate safety from a number of attacks and weapons, but doesn't weigh you down (a welcomed advantage during long battles). Your medieval armory needs a Short Sleeved Butted Chainmail Shirt and the price is right!

Short Sleeved Butted Chainmail Shirt

SKU: IF-200721
    • Crafted from galvanized 9mm steel
    • Designed into a short sleeve shirt
    • Balances weight and protection
    • Great with bracers and greaves for full protection
    • Waist: 55 Inches
    • Length: 45 Inches
    • Weight: 26lbs