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Perhaps discretion is the better part of valor, but events of the last week brought me increased attention from the citizens of Osterra, and it is worth setting the record straight, as few who walk the realm of Nova Regnus today know its origin, or understand the role a lone farmer was given in defending it. So, in order to put this matter to rest, here, friends, is my origin story.

Foster grew up in a forested land near a city in the woods. The son of the former Baron (who lost his lands, title and wealth following a curse associated with his slaying of a unicorn) and a woman believed to be a Scullery Maid. After some formal schooling, and given his skill with a bow and training in stealth and sword-play, Foster was called upon to lead a division of the King's forces during a desert war far across the salty sea.

After returning from two years in that desert land, Foster was granted his wish by the King to give up the life of a soldier and return to the land he loved, farming the fields and tending the forests and streams. In recognition of his service abroad he was granted the title of Royal Vintner for the King, and his lands saw many great feasts and tournaments, with full horns of mead, cider and wine quaffed by citizens of all sorts.

But what few knew was that the King's grant of land to Foster had a deeper purpose. The lands he was given were border lands that fell at a key point along the border of Nova Regnus and the beyond-lands. Orcs, and worse, had repeatedly penetrated into the King's domain through Foster's lands, and he was given the task, once kept a closely guarded secret, of protecting this critical route into the kingdom. Many an orc fell before his staff, sword and bow, and for a time the incursions into the kingdom nearly stopped.

But then the King disappeared (after having been poisoned...long story...) throwing the kingdom into turmoil. Alliances fell apart, old units loyal to the former king or their own captains fled, while new bands of warriors, mercenaries and citizens arose to take their place. With the chaos, strange powers came forth across the kingdom, with demons and creatures from a darker time challenging these new warriors and their allies. Amid this tumult, Foster stood the course, continuing to protect the border land from the beasts of the beyond-lands, with his commission from the former King largely forgotten by those he now protected...


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