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The White Ravens and the Dragon
In Roleplaying
Riastrad Ulster
Dec 09, 2019
Still the little song bird struggles with the truth. Though I admit I am curious where you are getting your "facts" from, unless you are making them up as you see fit? After all, you did not journey with us to face the dragon. Tell me, friend, are you as bad at gathering information as you are at fighting dragons, or are you simply fabricating the truth that is most convenient for yourself? Had you talked to any of the four Dragon Slayers of Osterra, you would know how many falsehoods you stated. I suppose I can enlighten you though, little song bird. True, our dragon did not fly away. My spear stuck its leg to the ground as Corrin and Garon pierced its wings with arrows. "Had not mastered the art of flamebreathing"? Snow crow, as the first of all the factions to be incinerated by dragon fire I can assure you that is a blatant lie. "It's claws were not yet sharp enough to rend shields"? Oh, little song bird with your pretty little tunes full of falsehoods. A single swipe from Riikaic's claw would have destroyed any shield that tried to bar its path. We simply had the strategic sense to abandon our shields before the battle began so that they would not encumber us. You faced a dragon, and I will admit that is a valiant and honorable undertaking. Yet you have no right to talk of honor until you honor your fellows, birdie. Do not speak of honor and pride as you lie and slander the accomplishments of others to cover your own failures. I would rather we be friends and allies as Osterra faces invasion by demonic entities and the wrath of an ancient lich. Yet my friends are honest and noble, and I've seen precious little of that from you. Just cute little melodies from a silver tongue that speaks well of none but itself, little song bird.

Riastrad Ulster

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