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Egar The Urk Slayer
Feb 20, 2019
In Roleplaying
"Hello friends.. Is Egar here to make for you public announcement of services. No no. Not Egar giving you services. Egar is let you know about thing so that you know about it. Ok? Yes. Is good." "Ok. Now we just have Feast of Winter where King Foster got his crown of alcohol and attractive womans. .. Wait.. what you mean crown is made of gold? That not good crown. Egar idea is much better. More fun. You are no fun. Silly no fun people." "Anyway, to get back to Egar's point.. At Feast of Winter Egar beat up many opponents when out looking for bad heart thing. Not remember too much after find bad heart thing.. but do know that only people who were able actually hurt Egar were Kenku." "Kenku not use strong barbarian way of hurt either. They hurt like little sneaky sneak mcsneaker thief. Egar was being so nice. Very nice. So nice Egar was not even stabbing them in face.. And first Trinket bash Egars leg FOR NO REASON." "Egar serious. Egar just standing there minding own business and SMASH! OW! Oh no Egar's leg! Good thing Egar is tough mans because that hurt Egar." "Then later Bauble had bad heart and Egar was trying to take with reasoning to Bauble who Egar thought was Egar friend.. but no. Bauble stab Egar in belly. That hurt too. Hope Bauble's knife didn't break too bad against Egar's nigh invulnerable flesh." "So moral of story is.. Kenku are big danger. Proceed with cautions." "This has been Egar with Announcement of Public Services. Thank you and goodnight."
Egar The Urk Slayer
Nov 24, 2018
In Roleplaying
Egar walks through a forest, he doesn't know where and neither does anyone else. That's just how it is with Egar, yet he always seems to end up just where he needs to be when he needs to be there. As Egar walks, Egar sings!.... badly. "Egar walk through forest.. Then he meets with guy." A large, intimidating man walks out in front of Egar and holds up a hand. He says something, then Egar continues. "Guy says he want money to let Egar pass." "Egar not have gold so he hit guy with sword." The mans eyes widen and he draws forth a mace, but Egar is psychotic and has a giant sword. The fight isn't a long one. "Egar clean his sword, then he take guys stuff." Egar then cleans his sword, and loots the guys corpse. He then leaves a note in terrible handwriting on the guys chest, that says, 'Egar wuz heer.' "And that how Egar go about his day."

Egar The Urk Slayer

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