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Apr 25, 2020
In Roleplaying
...There is nothing like the sea. It calls to me, a yearning, haunting cry that never leaves my mind. I am at once at home and far from home; torn asunder by forces I can barely name let alone cope with. When I turned my face away from the coast and followed our leader Gwion inland, across the plains, I could feel my soul shudder with each step. I am, as always, stubborn and unwilling to admit to any weakness, and forced myself onward. Perhaps I was more quiet than usual. I certainly felt little jocularity. And then we came upon some stones and hyenas. Camping overnight and keeping watch, amidst all the turmoil and chaos in my soul, there was a moment that surprised me. A moment in which the rustling of the grasses as a night breeze dashed by sounded like a warmer, gentler sea. A strange moment of silence of the strife within me. A moment where the snuffles and scratches of the hyenas felt soothing and homelike. That night, I dreamed of my grandfather, a man whose presence scared all the village children. A great big man of strength like an oak, followed always by his wolf-dog. I dreamed of him, not as I knew him though. I dreamed of him as a young man, finding his first wolf pup and bringing it home. When I woke up, I knew that somehow, I was going to bring home a hyena pup. This revelation was quickly pushed to the side with the rest of our adventures. I am still uncertain what to make of the Green Goddess. She is admittedly not a goddess I would have gravitated towards in my old world but here and now, I feel stronger and revived in her Light. We have cleared her temple of Darkness but there is much foreboding that Evil will return and we must be ready. Yes, I think I will defend her temple. But I think that first, I need a hyena pup...


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