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Lady Althea
Sep 05, 2019
In Roleplaying
Your Majesty, I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. I am sure you are aware there was no plan for me to return to Osterra in any capacity, be it official or unofficial until the harvest season. However, I came across a portal when I went for my daily ride.... and I hope that Your Grace will not think that I am not keeping within my compass or that I am neglecting my other duties when I tell you that I decided to go through it. (I will have to ask your discretion as I have yet to inform my Father of this considering his reaction when I informed him of the events that transpired at the Ebon Gate) However I was not without protection as I soon encountered several familiar faces from Nova Regnus. Traveling through the woods we encountered a demon hunter. The poor man was incredibly ill, I was able to find out that his name was Dimetri and he came to Osterra in order to hunt down the demons who had escaped their realm. Out of the four who came through Dimetri was the only one who survived the attack of Festar Festar is the demon of illness and plague. He seeks to destroy realms to appease his Master, Orzalon. According to Dimetri, Festar can cause illness in those that come into direct contact with him or with those he has infected and controls. His plague moves quickly through villages, provinces, and nations making them uninhabitable. From what I observed of Demitri’s illness this plague causes a complete loss of awareness. If left untreated his victims seemingly grow rabid and take on the characteristics of the undead until they are cured or killed. I would humbly request your Majesty’s permission to return to Osterra with increasing frequency so that I may continue to interview Demetiri and help find a solution to this threat I remain your most humble and obedient servant, Althea of House Gemflower Your Majesty, I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. While I understand, to put it mildly, the frustration and concern shown by both you and my Father regarding my unexpected visit to Osterra a great deal of good did come from it. Would it not also benefit our realm if these demons were defeated before they can cross through the portals and into our lands? I have no intention of ceasing my visits to Osterra and I would greatly appreciate your support in my endeavors. My last visit to Osterra was spent primarily with Demetri, who I am pleased to report is making a speedy recovery. He was relieved to hear that we have found a means to cure Festar’s plague through the amulet of healing. Demetri says that it is notoriously difficult to get those exposed to the plague to drink any healing potions since the symptoms make them taste like “vile drinks”. Those infected with the plague are dangerous. Not only can they spread disease but they will side with Festar on the field of battle and will target those who have the capability of casting cure disease or those who have potions that can cure the plague. Festar himself wields blades of decay. These are fearsome weapons, each blow is the equivalent to two and these blades can destroy all armor in a single strike. Festar himself is immune to any common weapons even if they have been enchanted. The only weapons that can harm him or any of the demons for that matter are holy weapons. However they are difficult to find and require a great deal of research before they can be used. Despite the shadows looming over Nova Regnus there is still reason to hope. Festar does have weaknesses. Spells and potions of cure disease will remove the effects of his sickness. The amulet of healing and the banishment of Festar will cure this realm! I have been able to do some additional research in between my meetings with Demeti. I found a legend of a scepter that lies on the other side of the Ebon Gate, If one is deemed worthy, the gatekeeper using the scepter can bestow immunity from the plague! Festar himself is relatively weak in battle with the exclusion of his blades. His primary tactic is to survive using those he has infected to spread his sickness and to protect him from those who would take up arms against him. Festar has the potential to fall quickly if those willing to fight against him can be equipped with holy weapons. Unfortunately Festar will only be the first battle in this war against the demons. The Demons of the Ebon gate as we know them are~ Orzalon~ He calls himself the “Prince of Death” my research has lead me to classify him as Glabrezu. While the Glabrezu are one of the most powerful types of demons they are typically considered middle class demons. However they will lord what power they do have over lesser demons. In Orzalon’s case his three underlings. Festar~ Who we have already discussed at great length. Az’reonus~ The demon of greed and lust. Ferdinand~ A Chaos Lord. He is a servant of Orzalon and has risen through the ranks of mortals as a warrior of chaos. The more demons that are destroyed or banished the weaker Orlazon will become in Osterra. Orlazon can be defeated one of two ways. Seeing as we already have a way to weaken and destroy Festar the most logical plan is to gain safe access to the Ebon Gate, hunt the individual demons, and banish them one by one before they are able to accomplish their vile tasks. Should that plan fail the lesser demons will join Orazlon in a final battle to send him back into the abyss he came from. However I hope it will not come to that. I remain your faithful intended, Althea of House Gemflower

Lady Althea

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