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Sep 05, 2019
In Roleplaying
Much has happened since I ended up walking through that portal into this world of Osterra. It doesn’t feel like so long ago, but I’ve been keeping busy, especially recently, but to get to that I must recount events from months ago. I’ll start in Winter. The Winter Council began well enough, with a King for the land crowned and a currency established. Sadly, we weren’t meant to enjoy that long. Apparently a corruption has been spreading amongst the people and only the Black Sky Company could cure their members. A well established healer, Meryn, took three of us out by the lake and asked us to try to discover what we could for a better cure. Brennan and Cadence took to meditation, trying to connect to a higher power to tell them what to do. I managed to spot a very interesting occurrence in the forest. Flowers! Blooming in the dead of winter, can you imagine? They ended up being an important part of the cure, but they also made me wonder… I took the entirety of Spring away from the major collections of people. It was the perfect opportunity. If the plants could possibly be magical, they must be getting it from somewhere. Plants aren’t magical in and of themselves, and those red winter flowers weren’t over abundant. I asked Imra to mark some of the magical ley lines for me, to map them out. If I could plant a crop of medicinal herbs along the ley lines, would they possibly be magical? Stronger? There was only one way to find out. But why stop there? I recalled the language of flowers, taught to me in my homeland, but perhaps the ideas would apply here as well. So I spent all Spring attending to my new potentially magically strengthened garden. I managed to gather up a fair amount of the herbs by the time of the Summer gathering, enough, at the very least, to test. Summer was eventful. Not only did Black Sky establish itself as a guild now, with several sections, but the King has granted lands to many of the more established groups. It seems like a good idea to claim some land for myself, even if I thought I’d never have to deal with land holding again, but not at the moment. There are other things to attend to. My friend Imra got the chance to run the first established shop in Osterra. The Magic Shoppe did brisk business buying many of the items of interest to be collected, but did far less sales than I believe was anticipated. I’m sure that will even out more as the currency gets more established amongst the populace. The biggest event in Summer, however, was of course the opening of the portal. All gathered around as it was opened, but none of us could have anticipated what happened. A small group of demons came through and slaughtered an astounding majority of those of us in the area. I managed to remain alive, to recount what had happened. The demons managed to leave and are now roaming. No course of action was decided upon regarding the portal, though, so it remains open. I did manage to test some of my new batch of herbs, but nothing concrete came of it. I do believe I am onto something though, and I believe I will soon have a chance to test these plants properly… News has spread recently of a plague infecting people. I’m not certain I can develop a cure, but it seems to me that I must try. The only currently known cure is a mysterious amulet, currently controlled by Brennan, and I do not like to rely upon such things. If I can get my hands on a sample of blood from someone with this plague, I may be able to find something to help, otherwise I fear to think what may happen, relying upon magic we know not the origins or workings of. I am left to wonder if the answer can be found in the natural world of Osterra. Or if it MUST be found there now. I will have to discuss my thoughts with Meryn. She's the most prominent healer in this land by virtue, I believe, of being one of the earliest, so it's likely she'll have an idea of what I may be able to accomplish with this theory. I may also need discuss with Brennan and the other healers, but that's a choice I will make when I must.
Feb 09, 2019
In Roleplaying
Entry 1 It’s finally happened. My father passed away not even a week ago and our Uncle has already taken over the Fief and run it into the ground. Because of this, me and my sisters are being scattered around to the highest bidders for our hands in marriage. I suppose I’m the lucky one - my husband to be is at least a week’s travel away, so I have time. He’s also been married before since he already has an heir to his estate. An heir who is only a decade younger than myself. I suppose I’ll find out more when I get there and meet them. Entry 2 Only two days into my journey to my new home. I’ve been talking to everyone I can on the way and I find myself interested in learning from the herbalists in each village. I’ll keep my notes in the back of this journal. They may never come to anything, but all knowledge could be useful. We’ve run into one travelling caravan that passed through Cearta Keep which is apparently the name of my new husband’s estate. According to them, the lord of the area is a terrible person. Hopefully it’s just one group’s opinion, though I suppose I’ll learn more the closer I get. Entry 3 Five days into the journey now. My guards have decided we have to stay here in the village of Rosemeadow for a few days due to horrible weather. Between the herbalist in the village and the tavern, I at least have plenty to keep me occupied. When I’m not learning more about healing and the body sciences, I’m gathering a lot of information on the family of Cearta. The son and heir seems well liked. It’s a shame the same can not be said of his father. I get the feeling I’m going to have to do something about this. The nice woman who is the local physician let me borrow a couple of her notebooks. I’m very enraptured by them. Entry 4 Less than a day out from Cearta Keep now. The town here is lovely and I hope I can visit often once I settle into the keep itself. I’ve gotten a lot of news here about the noble family. The son and heir, Axel, seems to be very loved and respected by the general populace. His father, Ivan, however, is essentially the opposite of a good and benevolent Lord. I’m still unsure as to the reason Lord Ivan decided to take another wife, but I get the feeling his reasoning is far from sound. I’ll be meeting them both in the morning. I’m sure to learn more then. Entry 5 It’s been almost a fortnight since I arrived at Cearta Keep and it’s been quite the crazy adventure. Lord Ivan is almost always well into his cups and making horrible decisions about his farmlands. I no longer wonder about the opinions of his people. Luckily his son Axel has a good head on his shoulders and is able to mitigate some of the disaster, though never all of it, and we’re certain his father has noticed. I believe my purpose was to provide Lord Ivan another heir more to his liking, but he’s always well asleep early in the evenings. I’ve been spending these free evenings talking and planning with Axel, though I do not believe I’ll fully share my intentions. Better for him to not fully know. Entry 6 I’ve been visiting town often and learning much from the herbalist and the physician. They’re a lovely couple who are expanding my medical knowledge by quite a lot. There’s also a wonderful tavern in the better off area of town where the mages and specialized workers live and do business. I met a lovely woman by the name of Imra there. She works at the tavern, but I’ve seen her often in the mage’s area, though she hasn’t mentioned why for. I’m guessing she’s either living there or apprenticed to someone in the area. I know I want to help these people escape their lordship’s tyranny, and though it will mean I have to leave, I do not believe I’ll much mind. Entry 7 It’s been done. Lord Ivan is dead and his son is now Lord Axel. I’m leaving Cearta Keep tomorrow so as not to interfere with his rule. It’ll be best this way as I have no desire to run the Keep, nor be passed on to another man near twice my age. From tomorrow onwards I shall no longer be Lady Trisana. I believe I shall go by Tris. It ought to suffice since before this I was only a minor noble and almost no one knew of me. I have packed all my finery at the very bottom of my baggage and will be travelling alone. I think I’ll stay in town for a day or two before I fully move on. Entry 8 Tomorrow I’ll be leaving the town, though I will likely be missed. The physician and his wife have taught me all they know now, and I’ll surely miss their company. I discovered yesterday that Imra has been missing for a few days. She apparently never showed up for a shift and no one’s heard anything of her. She certainly wasn’t ill, as I’d have run into her at the physician’s since I’ve been staying with them. Hopefully, she is alright. I can only hope she’s left town and I may be lucky enough to see her again. Entry 9 I was accosted by a band of quite idiotic bandits on my travels yesterday. They thought making me cook their dinner would be a wondrous idea. Luckily I had some choice ingredients on hand for them. I did take a few things off their corpses. I couldn’t very well leave this lovely warhammer here to be stolen by someone who may have poor motives, could I? Another had some good sturdy boots near enough my size. Entry 10 I’ve been through a number of towns now, and I’m amazed at the number of rather mean folk I’ve come across. I’ve done what I could where I could, though no one will likely ever know, and if they did, may never thank me. I’m coming close to Rosemeadow, the first village we stayed in when I was on my way to Cearta. I do believe I’ll stop in again, before I turn a completely new direction. I certainly have no wish to return to my family’s estate. Entry 11 It appears I have stumbled through some sort of portal? I am unsure how to explain or describe it, save that I know I am in an entirely new location. I was lucky enough to have found, or more accurately have been found by Imra. She’s explained what she knows of this new and strange land that evidently goes by the name Osterra. I have yet to decide what I should make of myself now that I get a chance at a completely new life, but I’m certain it will come to me soon. Entry 12 I have decided to offer my services as a healer to the people of Osterra... Apparently there are healers here who rely solely upon the magic of this world, which is weak and uncertain. I do not trust it to properly heal the human body, though I have no objections to its use for other things. I myself am able to conjure a small light, or more easily a quick flame to light a candle. I will not shun the magic completely, though I will refuse to use it directly to heal.


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