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Rekindle the fire of the ancient warrior spirit within you at the Rites of Spring. 

10753 Mountain Run Lake Rd - Culpeper, VA 22701

Weekend of March 20-22, 2020

The event will take place on the beautiful lands of Mountain Run Winery

Twenty five acres of forest and fields located an hour and half outside of Washington, DC,

and set against the backdrop of the Shenandoah Valley Region, near Culpeper, VA.  

"Hear ye, hear ye!"

Rites of Spring Challenge

The Lord & Lady of NovaRegnus, in the land of Osterra, call all ye of adventurous spirit to attend the Rites of Spring II Challenge. 


The 1st year at the Rites of Spring, there was held a great tournament to determine who among his subjects is most skilled with sword, spear and bow. This year at the Rites of Spring III Challenge we will find the most clever and brave adventurers of the realm.


Grab your weapon of choice and join the us for a weekend of Live Action Role Playing, LARP battle, puzzles, games of skill, quests, feasting and revelry at Mountain Run Winery in Culpeper, Virginia.


LARP Adventures is proud to present a new take on the traditional Live Action Role Playing (LARP) event in our Rites of Spring III Challenge. It’s perfect for those who have never LARPed before yet challenging enough that even veteran role players will find their skills pushed to the limit. This team-based, adventure party event combines elements of scavenger hunts, adventure racing, puzzle solving, resource allocation and live action combat, all set within the fantasy world of Osterra where monsters, brigands and dark forces lurk within the forest, swamps and hills.

Rites of Spring 


Events & Combat Scenarios

Rules and game descriptions can be found here within.

As the main event within a traditional weekend LARP campout, the Rites of Spring Challenge will feature teams of adventurers, adventure parties, competing over a six-hour period to find lost relics, complete quests, decipher codes, defeat monsters, and compete or cooperate with other teams seeking to do the same. The six-hour   Rites of Spring Challenge will be divided into hour-long segments, and at the start of every hour new quests unlock, new abilities become available, monsters are unleashed, and plot twists develop. There will be over 20 unique locations across the 36-acre game area, and more than 40 quests and challenges to complete! Teams will be faced with more activities than they have time, and team members, to complete, and therefore resource allocation decisions will be just as important as combat skill or puzzle-solving prowess.


Teams start at their own team “camps” scattered around the 36-acre property and carry color-coded tokens to signify their team membership. Each player carries 1-3 tokens depending on their level of armor and weapons carried. If a player defeats another team’s player in combat, they can loot their tokens from them, and the defeated player is out of play until they can be healed by a healer --which gives them new tokens-- or they return to their camp to restock their tokens. The team which has captured the most tokens from the other teams at the end of the event will be pronounced the winner of the Rites of Spring Challenge.


New players can choose to be Warriors, Rogues, Healers, and Wizards, each adventure party should recruit to have at least one of each, as each character class has its own set of special abilities to meet the Challenge.


Warriors can use any type of weapons, carry any size shield and wear any armor.


Rogues can do things like set and detect traps and will have their own side quests and challenges. They are restricted from some weapons, can only use light armors and small shields.


Healers have the ability to heal players but will have to locate specific healing components and learn the proper way to combine them in order to create potions and heal other players. 


Wizards have magical abilities, there will be plenty of codes to crack, runes to decipher, riddles to solve, mystical messages to write to other teams, and maps to draw--. 


Players under the age of 16 have their own special character class to play, the Scout.


Scout roles are reserved for our younger players, 12 y/o and up, their job will be helping their team find items and quests hidden across the map, as well as couriering activities, carrying messages between teams.  


Returning players from previous LARP Adventures events will be able to use their skills during the Challenge Event, granting them a boost in capabilities that will reflect their experience within the world of Osterra. These skills have been carefully crafted as part of the LARP Adventures system so that they will not unbalance the game, or make any player too powerful, they are designed to add to the role playing experience and new players are encouraged to seek out the Skill Masters.




Not interested in fighting, but want to be a part of the adventure? Players can also elect to be non-combatants and will wear special armbands to signify that they will not take part in battle but can participate in all other aspects of the event. 


Event Pricing & Policies


Day-player pricing for the Spring Challenge is just $50, and includes the use of a rental weapon, rental costume/tabbard, insurance, training and orientation to the specific rules of the event and the safety-oriented combat system we use. If you have your own weapon and costume the Challenge price drops to $25/person.



Camping is available for $25 Friday and/or Saturday and breakfast is available in the morning. Many of our participants camp either Friday and/or Saturday night. Modern tents are allowed.


Players can sign up as free agents or players can form their own group.


We require that players use the realistic looking foam latex weapons. Homemade boffer-style weapons break the sense of immersion in combat and are not allowed. We have weapons to rent, and options for purchasing your own new or used weapon for the event at LARPadventures.com. Costumes can also be found on the website, but they can be as simple as a homemade tabard and belt. We encourage comfortable footwear to be worn given the level of physical activity at this event.


Rites of Spring Challenge Schedule


12 PM - Check in and camp set-up

3 PM - Weapons check and orientation,  role play begins...


10:00 AM Check in, weapons check and orientation, new players will receive training in LARP combat, the rules that guide conduct within the realm of Osterra, and the special rules that govern the game at this time. 


11:00 AM - The Challenge starts at and runs until 5:00 PM. Each hour a horn or gong will sound and the game will take a new turn.


5:30 PM - The teams will gather on the main field for a series of massive melees and group battles where alliances made during the Challenge portion of the event will be tested. 


7:00 PM A grand, period style, feast and bonfire at dark will conclude the event, although role playing and camaraderie will continue all night. 


But wait? I’ve never done this kind of thing before!? I’m worried I’ll feel out of place, plus, I don’t own plate armor.


Have no fear. The Rites of Spring Challenge is specifically geared to be accessible to first time players. If you enjoy the outdoors and events that combine both physical and mental challenges you will have a blast. We’ll loan you a sword, maybe you can win a shield in an arena pit fight, and you’ll be running circles around those plate-armored knights in no time. With our small group-oriented dynamics you’ll be thrust into a decision-making role on your team and you’ll be sneaking down forest paths, running from bands of orcs, ambushing the other teams, cracking codes written in long dead languages and sending brigands to ‘meet their makers’ with the best of them. Grab some friends and sign up as a team/adventure party or come out solo and we promise this will be one team-building event you’ll never forget!

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