The Kingdom of Olaran

  Olaran is the largest kingdom in the central north-east of the land of Adrasil, it is made up of nine provinces. Bordered on the west by the Inner Sea, to the north the Coldfell River, and the foreboding Barrens beyond. It's eastern lands reach to the Keldaran River , and in the south to where The Giant's Steps meet the deserts of Goltha. Olaran was unified by a great king centuries ago and the legacy that he left behind has stood the test of time. King Osric is the eleventh generation of kings to sit upon its mighty throne. Let us speak now of the first High King of Olaran, King Alirion the Great Unitor.

The land of Adrasil

  It was on the rich and fertile lands of the Keldaran plains that the kingdom was born. What were once small warring kingdoms, and unaffiliated tribes were brought together under the the stewardship of King Alirion, and the banner of Olaran, as the nine provinces, more than two hundred years ago. King Alirion was an unparalleled leader among his people and a brilliant tactician.

  It was in his youth that he waged The Great War of Unification, uniting the Kingdom. Knowing that the years of men and women are measured in decades not the centuries of Dwarves, nor the millennia of Elves, King Alirion declared that his days of conquest were over and the lands of his rule had reached its maximum. The great ambition and lust for battle of his youth became the strength and hard earned wisdom of a great king.


The Provinces of Olaran and their heraldry

Olaran -  
Sigil: The Black Lion of Olaran                
Colors: black on quartered red and gold

Motto: Peace Through Power

Lannock - 
Sigil: Red Horse, Shafts of wheat and spears 

Colors: red and white on green                
Motto: Great be the Harvest

Murnock - 
Sigil: Quartered- Black Crossed Hammer and Pick, a Grey Eagle with Anvils     Colors: quartered black and light grey alternating                 
Motto: Without Fear

Norn - 
Sigil: Crossed Axes, Three Arrows and a Ship Colors: green, yellow, on black                    
Words: Run Fast, Run Hard

The Highlands - 
Sigil: Red Boar                          
Colors: red, white, on white                          
Motto: We The Heart

Throi - 
Sigil: Sword over Orange Rising Sun           
Colors: light blue sky, orange sunburst, , black and silver sword, over a green field   Motto: Hold Fast

Raven - 
Sigil: Black Raven, A Crown, and Four Leaf Clover   Colors: black, green, gold on grey             
Motto: For King and Crown

The Borderlands - 
Sigil: 3 Brown and Green Trees over river on green and light blue field     Colors: green, brown,  dark blue, light blue                            
Motto: Deeds Not Words

Grey - 
Sigil: White Stag on Dark Blue field           
Colors: white, dark blue           
Motto: Fiercely Loyal


 King Alirion surrounded himself with loyal lords and they became known as the Kingsmen. They are his royal guard and the administrators of the kingdom. Many of the high houses send their best and bravest young to serve in the capitol. Where they are educated by scholars from all over Adrasil, and steeped in the ceremony and protocol of the court.


  In his wisdom he created a standing army, the Men-at-arms. Drawn from all over the kingdom and trained with the discipline of his seasoned warriors they have been instrumental in keeping stability and have proven themselves countless times against enemies of the crown both foreign and domestic. Among their ranks are the elite shock troops and berserkers. Those with skill in the arts of death are necessary to keep the kingdom safe. 

Sea Lords

  Alirion first found the maneuverability of ships highly useful on the Kelldaran River, fighting in Lannock and the Grey in his early years, but it was his campaign against the Sea Lords of Throi that taught him the importance of a strong naval force. The Sea Lords were originally raiders from the west, that settled along the coast of Throi. In years past hey had occupied first the coastal cities, then dominated the surrounding territory with their fast strike capabilities. On the open sea they where impossible to defeat. King Alirion was only able to bring them to the treaty table, and into the kingdom after he won their respect through brilliant tactical maneuvers that trapped the Sea Lord’s fleet in the Coldfell River. He allied himself with the daring raiders by appointing the Earl of Throi the First Sea Lord of Olaran, giving him wide powers to hire private warships and warriors to uphold the king’s rule on land and sea. 


  King Alirion brought peace and stability to The Kingdoms of Man, but once the Kingdom was consolidated Alirion needed to guard and protect its borders and the lawless tracts between its villages, towns and cities, and so, the Rangers were established. Elite warriors they are handpicked for service from the ranks of the kingdom’s forces, and trained in the ways of wilderness survival and tactics. They are the law and order to the distant boundaries of the realm. The eyes, ears, voice, and hand of the King in the wilds. Patrolling the provinces and set on the frontiers to guard and watch the borders of the kingdom. They are the beacon lighters, the first line of defense. They are the Rangers.

Knights of the Realm

  Alirion reigned for over 60 years. In his reign he upheld the ancient code of chivalry. He established the Knights of the Realm an order he created to foster bravery, courtesy, honor in the kingdom, and recognize great gallantry. He charges these Knights to seek out trouble and defend the weak. They are his champions. They represent what is best. What the Rangers are to the wilds, the Knights of the Realm are to the rest of the kingdom.

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