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Like all worlds, there are plenty of everyday people. There is more to life and roleplay than quests than combat - or perhaps you are looking for a way to join in without having to worry about combat. Not every character needs to be a combatant to be interesting or fun to play.  


This gives players a way to participate, but without having to worry about participating in combat. If a combat situation arises around you, do your best to roleplay a non-combatant. Keep out of the situation, and roleplay not wishing to engage. Combatant archetypes will not physically engage you.


But be aware, if you step out of you non-combatant role to engage with a situation, you will be treated accordingly. (So if you pick up a weapon, try and help wounded off of the field mid battle, or grab a treasure and run, it may not end well for your baker.)

Non-combat Skills

This list is nearly endless as these skills can be anything that someone from your chosen walk of life can do. Some of these skill can be accessed through Masters, others are pure roleplay. Some examples;

  • Bargaining (local merchant - RP)

  • Plant identification (apothecary - RP)

  • Animal identification (butcher - RP)

  • Cloth / Leather repair (tailor - Master Accessed)

  • Armor Repair (blacksmith, armorer - Master Accessed)

  • Diplomacy (diplomat, nobles - RP)

Non-combatants can also train in any available tradesman skills as they are available through Masters.

  • Non Metal Armor Repair (minor)

  • Non Metal Armor Repair (major) *

Limitations and Restrictions

  • No armor allowed

  • No weapons allowed

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