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The Map Of Osterra

At LARP Adventures our fantasy world is known as Osterra, or simply the realm.

Players are encouraged to organize themselves into units or factions. These factions then fight, adventure and camp together. They are also invited to  participate in the larger wargame and role play of the Land Rules, that includes a Global Economy, and The Council of Osterra.




Players may petition, or be invited to join a pre-existing unit, or they may wish to form a new one of their own.

The Land Map
Updated 1/24/2024

Map Key small for web copy.jpg



Our World is called Osterra. The central content is known as the new kingdoms, or Nova Regnus, where many have come through the portals to fight in the EverWar, and where we have all been adventuring, exploring, and building our factions these past years.


The new lands opened up by the great explorer Jarl Umarth, and The White Ravens, his people, are known as Vetus Mundi, The Old World. It’s a whole new continent of adventure for us, featuring the Principality of Nuln in the south east, a pirate kingdom. The Kingdom of Valon in the northeast, a kingdom that is a blend of early England and Arthurian mythos. There is the mysterious Fae kingdom of The Glade. The Orclands are a vast orc empire in the central region, they are constantly at odds with the dwarves of Three Peaks. Then there are the unknown perils of the desolate Dragon's Coast of the northwest.


Tantalizingly, there are few details known of the eastern continent, Mundus Ferox, adventure and new discoveries await.

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