Healing & Divine Magic

Divine or physical, these skills can help keep you and the others around you alive and on the quest. Whether you use science and medicine or divine powers, you will be an invaluable member of any group. As you learn more about healing and rituals you will be able to treat and cure even the most grievous of injuries, maladies, and curses.

Core Abilities (with Skill Master training)

  • First Aid and Combat Healing

  • Cure poisons and diseases 

  • Detect, place and remove Blessings and Curses

  • Create Scrolls and Potions


Limitations and Restrictions

  • Your Healer’s Oath initially limits your weapon choices to non-edged weapons and daggers

  • Your focus on your Oath initially limits your armor training to AC 2

Tier Advancement Weapon Choices

  • Shield

  • Dagger

  • Non Edged 1 Handed

  • Non Edged 2 Handed

  • Staff

Tier Advancement Skill Choices


  • Learn new Healer skill

  • Train a new weapon

  • Potion making

  • Scroll Making

  • Skill Master Training

    • Healer Trainer 1 - Must be min Tier 3

    • Healer Trainer 2 - Must be min Tier 5

Healer Path Kits

  • Priest/Doctor (Pure Path)
    You are truly focused on helping others and have mastered your craft.

    • Requirements: no weapons training beyond 1H blunt, no shield training, no additional armor training, and knows all spells available tier 1-3

    • Bonuses:

      • You may learn tier 5 spells from other existing Priests

      • You may train one spell per event of any spell you have not learned yet (no level limit)

      • You can activate / creat Holy Relics

  • Cleric/Combat Medic (Healer/Warrior)
    You are a true defender of life, through both peaceful and violent means, but your faith/abilities have limitations. Your spell casting is limited to Tier 4 due to your time spent training in armor, and weapons.

    • Requirements: Armor training 1+2

    • Bonuses: You may train with the Warriors to learn;

      • To wear heavier armor or layering to obtain one more AP of armor (stacks to max of 4)

      • Shield Control

      • Dual wield, and can use bladed weapons (if you had not trained in any yet, and if appropriate to your RP).

      • You can visit Warrior Trainers to become a trainer of tier 0 Warriors.


Tier 0 - Your First Event

You may train in all of the following at your first event;

  • Armor Use

  • Your initial weapon choice

  • Create a Holy Journal

  • Train to Invoke Scrolls

  • Learn 2 blessings

Tier 1

Train at least 2 spells to be eligible to advance to tier 2.

  • You may learn one spell/skill per event

Optional Training:

  • Learn a skill from another path


*Tier 2 skills not available if you have Tier 3 or higher in any other Path.

Tier 2

Train at least 2 spells to be eligible to advance to tier 3.

Optional Training:

  • Learn a skill

  • While at this tier you may also additionally train in one of the following.

    • armor training 1

*Tier 3 skills not available if you have Tier 2 or higher in any other Path.

Tier 3

Train at least 2 spells to be eligible to advance to tier 4.

Optional Training:

  • Learn a skill

  • Healer Trainer 1

  • While at this tier you may also additionally train in one of the following IF you trained the level 1 version at tier 2.

  • armor training 2

*Tier 4 skills not available if you have Tier 1 or higher in any other Path.

Tier 4

Train at least 2 spells to be eligible to advance to tier 5.

You now may train/wield any holy/unholy weapons you find that match your morality.

Optional Training:

  • Learn a skill from another path, limited to tier 0 skill

*Tier 5 skills and up only trainable if you are Pure Path.

Tier 5

Train at least 1 new spell of any tier 1-4

  • then you may choose a Healer Path Kit, if you meet it's requirements.

  • Train to become Healer Trainer 2

Requirements For Spell Casting

Whether your roleplay of the healing skills is divine or physical, it will have to follow the same general rules:

  • Performers must be able to focus calmly to perform any spell. They cannot be performed while doing other activities like walking or fighting.

  • Hands must be unhindered & free (no carrying items besides spellbook or shield, hands may not be bound)

  • To invoke magic, a character must read the spell from the scroll (or their spell/prayer book) out loud. Even if memorized, the character must have their scroll or book with them.

  • Any interrupted spell fails, but the energy is not spent. The performer can repeat the attempt.

  • When performing healing or other effects, the performer must describe any effects and limitations in character, either as part of the performance, or afterward if the result will not be obvious. (ex: healing requires description of level of healing performed while a remove curse should be obvious.)

  • Physical representations need to suit the style of spell or healing being performed based on your RP.  Some examples; divine token or symbol, herbs, bandages, splints, and/or doctor’s tools

  • A performer can cancel any effect they have invoked via simple roleplay that communicates this.

  • Magical effects continue to be active after the death of their performer as the magic is bound to the target.


Characters that wish to learn Healing Arts will need to visit a Healer Skill Master to learn their skill and spells. This training will ensure you understand Healer’s rules and RP, and that you have a spell/skill journal for the knowledge you will learn. Healers can quest in game to piece together additional abilities.



 As you learn the ability to create new effects as a Healer, consider how your character flavor may impact your roleplay, and affect those around you.


For example - you are casting a healing spell.  Are you a druidic character invoking nature to regrow the flesh? A cleric or priest invoking a divine blessing? You may call upon your god(s), nature, or the spirits to help?


If you are playing a physical healer, you will treat the “spells” as skills you have learned. Use physical representations of bandages, stitch the patient up with a doctor’s tools, use poultices with herbs, or will you amputate?



Some Spells create areas that are under one or more magical effect. These areas need to be bordered, or covered in a way Player can easily see, and marked with magical symbols, and an effects card. The symbols can be of any design, but the effects card must denote the effect, tier cast, and duration (if appropriate). The effects card description should not be readily visible to Players. (folded over, in an envelope, etc). Only characters that can sense arcana, light, or chaos can tell the area is enchanted (unless an obvious type).
If a Player has arcane or religious divination, they may check the effects card, and then RP appropriately.



Potions and scrolls can only be made by those on the Healer’s or Wizard’s Path who have learned the required formulas and how to roleplay the potion and/or scroll crafting from a Skill Master. Potion and scroll rules are detailed in their own section.

Spells Available By Tier

Spells will be added as they are made available for play.

Tier 0 - Blessings

  • To perform, must RP for a minimum of 5 seconds

  • Unlimited Use

Tier 1

  • RP for a minimum of 10 seconds

  • Max use: 1x per day per healer tier

Tier 2

  • RP for a minimum of 30 seconds

  • Max use: 1x per day per healer tier

Tier 3

  • RP for a minimum of 60 seconds (1 min)

  • Max use: 2x per day

Tier 4

  • RP for a minimum of 120 seconds (2 min)

  • Max use: 1x per day

Tier 5

  • RP for a minimum of 5 min

  • Max use: 1x per weekend event