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Frequently askeD questions

Have a question?

Take a minute to scroll through our FAQs and if you don't find your answer email us an we'll get you the information you need.

Thanks! Message sent.

Is it family friendly?

Yes, your little squires and apprentices are welcome! However, LARP Adventures combat is for participants 16 and over, but the atmosphere is family friendly and educational. We encourage everyone to wear garb/costume and participate in the role playing experience. There will be non-combatant activities, including period style board games, and bardic competitions.

We are also working on an kid's adventure path, where young players can learn with and participate in-game with Master Players as Battle School Trainees, Apprentice Healers, Wizards Apprentices, or Thieves Guild Initiates.

Where can I find the rules?

The RULES are posted here on the website and the C.O.M.B.a.T.  Basic Rules can be downloaded as a .pdf from Google Drive. Updates and expansions will be broadcast on the Forums and in the LARP Adventures Facebook group.​ 

What sort of weapons do you use?

We do not use boffer-style weapons, but the more realistic looking weapons made of high density injection molded foam and latex covered foam weapons and shields like the ones we make available on the site from our partners like Calimacil and Epic Armouries and others. These weapons are incredibly safe while looking much more like the real thing- improving the look of the event and adding to the immersive atmosphere. Creativity, custimization, and DIY weapons and plastidip shields are welcome too! All weapons will be subject to safety check before events and periodic checks during events to ensure that no unsafe weapons are used in combat.

Ready to choose your weapon? You can right now, by going HERE!  

Are there any garb requirements?

The goal to strive for is TV/Movie quality, that means we are primarily going for looks good vs actual period garb. Our goal is to be inclusive, so don't be intimidated by it, be inspired! Making and acquiring good looking garb/costume is a fun part of the adventure. If you're on a tight budget and even a little bit crafty there lots of DIY options. Since the theme includes portals we are very open to the characters and garb you would like to use. Osterra itself is a brutal world of Medieval fantasy, low magic, with undertones of an older more civilized age, that was once high magic (possibly high tech) that few know of. Think post Roman Britons through the Viking age for costume inspiration. As Portal travelers high fantasy is acceptable as well.

Is there any experience required?

You do not need any experience at all to be able to enjoy an event or take part in the role play. Real life physical ability is a bonus, but even if you've never picked up a sword, or pulled a tunic over your head you'll be welcome and able to have a really good time. We even have rental weapons and costume for first timers, all you have to do is show up and be ready to explore your imagination. There are many levels to get involved, from non-combatant spectator where you root on your favorite hero and enjoy the immersive atmosphere, to being in the thick of battle, it's yours to decide. Come and visit us as a day player and find out what it's all about. 

What sort of archery is allowed?

We have fun safe archery rules, we require bows to be under 35 pound draw weight, and recommend the use IDV slow style arrows. The arrows are relatively slow and have a soft open cell head that absorb a lot of the impact force. No weapons, including arrows are head legal. Darkon, Dagorhir, and most arrows from boffer games are legal. All archery equipment is subject to safety checks before and during game. Arrows in particular are highly scrutinized for their safety by the Archery Marshall for their safety.

Effective range of LARP arrows is approximately 15 yards.

Can you provide verified retailers?

Yes, above the business we are want to create a community and we are glad to point you in the direction of retailers, artisans and craftsmen to help you find exactly what you want for your character. That said, if you are interested in the weapons, garb & gear that we use or have any questions about anything on the market we'll try and get you the information you are looking for.


If you want to purchase something, we'd love it if you wanted to make LARP Adventures your source, message us on Facebook or email me at If you can wait to pick up weapons and stuff at events, I'll even waive any shipping charges. As a small business that we would like to grow, every costumer helps and is important to us. We have relationships with many of the LARP industries finest providers of weapons, armor, garb and gear.

Where can I go to connect with other players?

There are two great ways to connect with other players online the Forum and the LARP Adventures group on Facebook. On the Forum you can role play, discuss rules, learn about the latest projects or post your own. In the Facebook group you can make new friends share social media and keep up to date on the latest offerings and events.

Much like being vegan or into crossfit, the first rule of medieval fight club is to tell everyone about it. Can you imagine a vegan/crossfit/LARPer. . .you could never get them to stop talking about it.

Is there magic usage?

Yes, but it is what  we call a "low magic game",  magic is more rare than in, say a standard AD&D game. We call it the path of Arcanum, which literally means secrets or mysteries.  "Low magic" means there's not a lot of magic in the world. Magic is still powerful, just rare, and fills most people with awe/dread. Magic items are very uncommon, except maybe potions, which are more alchemy than magic. The few people able to cast spells are pretty powerful individuals.

Acquiring a magic weapon or some magic armor for one character might be the plot of an entire campaign. In the world at large, magic is not a common thing.

One of the reasons we limit magic in game is to cut down on mechanics that take away from immersion.


Is this a diverse, judgement free community?

Judgment free diversity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords or boxes to check, we believe they are essential. 

Gender identity, race/ethnicity, generation, sexual orientation, national status, and people that are differently abled all come together to create cognitive diversity. A combination of these unique traits working in unison can help overcome challenges and achieve goals and create a vibrant experience. We believe diversity is a necessary element for innovation and team building.

We strive to create an inclusive and safe environment for all, free of "real" danger, abuse, threats, unwanted behavior, and harassment.

Please do keep in mind we play a game and work to create a virtual world that includes mock violence and some adult content and concepts. People may be acting aggressively in character and if you participate in the combat portions of the game you will be chased around in the woods by people with foam sticks.

What if it gets too intense, or I do not feel safe?

To stop play for any reason, at any time, the safety words are “TIME OUT!”  at any point in the role playing journey you can call “TIME OUT!”  and it’ll be 100% respected → It is used in combat for safety reasons, and during role playing as a way to get out of character if you feel you need to for any reason.

If you are in need of support, or to report behavior not corresponding with our statement of diversity, inclusion, and safety above, please contact us at (703-896-8999 or email In game it is encouraged to seek out an organizer or NPC for any help required.

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