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Set ablaze the fire of the ancient warrior spirit within you at the Summer Quest

"Hear ye, hear ye!"

has been announced!
It will be a Summer to remember and a quest for the ages.


King Foster, Lord of Novaregnus, has bid me to once again call the brave from all over Osterra to take part in a Summer campaign. We are to gather on the second weekend of July and meet at the Tavern of ye olde Mountain Run. 


Grab your weapon of choice and join us for a weekend of Live Action Role Playing (LARP) battle, Puzzles and games of skill, quests await, with plenty of merriment, feasting, revelry and the hospitality of our hosts, the at Mountain Run Winery in Culpeper, Virginia.

Events & Combat Scenarios

Evening Dungeon Crawl, Woodland Capture The Flag/Scavenger Hunt, and of course Mountain Run fun.

Orcs and monsters and Elves Oh my!

Summer War is designed so you'll have fun playing it as a stand-alone event, or building a character and being a part of the continuing story. Perfect for first time adventurers and seasoned veterans alike.

Live Action Role Playing (or LARPing) is an unscripted immersive experience where you live the adventure. Your choices on and off the field of play will help shape the story, as friendships will be forged and alliances will rise and fall. With the structure of an easy to learn open ended rules set, called the C.O.M.B.a.T. System, in just a few minutes you'll be in play and immersed in this unparalleled experiential event.  As a participant, you will take on the persona of an inhabitant of the world of Osterra, a character you create. You’ll wear period costumes, engage in quests, mock fights with realistic looking safe foam LARP weapons. Battles will be won, quests completed, puzzles solved, flagons of mead emptied and indelible memories made. So, come join us for Summer War, try your hand at challenges both martial and mental, make new friends…and slay them!

Our event organizers have three decades of experience LARPing, organizing events and fantasy film production. They will combine this experience with the structure of the fantasy world of Osterra and a supporting staff of veteran LARPers to bring you a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. This event will come to life with replica weapons and armor, period food and drink and activities that are accessible by those new to LARP, but complex enough to challenge even a grizzled LARP veteran. This event is open to everyone ages 16+, veterans and newcomers alike, and we have non-combat options if you would prefer to experience the adventure without a sword in your hand.

The day event will begin at 10:00 am with registration, rules & orientation, and then a chance to hone your combat skills before the event gets underway around noon. There will be a series of quests, challenges and role play to engage in that tie in to the complex fabric of the world of Osterra, as well as food and drink in our fantasy medieval tavern and local vendors selling all manner of wares. We will feast at the tavern, tales of the day’s glory around the bonfire,  make and enjoy live music, drink wine, mead and cider, and camping for those staying overnight. Plot twists, games of skill and chance, character development and action will continue throughout the evening.



10753 Mountain Run Lake Rd - Culpeper, VA 22701

Weekend of July 12-14, 2019

The event will take place on the beautiful lands of Mountain Run Winery

Twenty five acres of forest and fields located an hour and half outside of Washington, DC,

and set against the backdrop of the Shenandoah Valley Region, near Culpeper, VA.