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of Osterra

The world of Osterra is filled with wondrous races and terrible creatures from all over the multiverse.

The most common of which are:

  • Humans are most numerous and common beings in Osterra.

    • They are a myriad of wonder in their diversity. 


  • Orcs are the most common of the Goblinoid races. There are many different varieties in the hierarchy of these creatures.

    • Uruk'kia being the largest, dominating their Greenskin kin.

    • Wild Orcs are super-violent, with fiery tempers. They are the bezerkers of their race.

    • Uruk are the rank and file of orc society, they are strong, short tempered and are dominated by their other kin

    • Goblins are smaller and more mischievous than their cousins the orcs. 


  • Elves, are an ancient and complex race. There are at least four known sects. 

    • High Elves are are rarely seen in the lands and are not often concerned with the world of mortals.

    • Wood Elves seek to find balance and preserve nature.

    • Sea Elves at harmony the great oceans.

    • Dark Elves plot against all those that walk in the light.

  • Dwarves

    • Mountain Dwarves toil in their mountain strongholds, rarely venturing forth to seek glory and adventure.

    • Hill Dwarves are among the greatest craftsmen and tinkerers in the multiverse. They bring the Dwarven economy to the outside world.

    • Gully Dwarves are more primitive kin and looked down upon by their haughty Mountain, and worldly Hill Dwarves

    • Durgar are a malevolent breed that dwells in the extreme depths.

  • Dragonkind

    • Longren are a race of Dragonkind. They appear as humanoid dragons, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes though some may look more human or dragon as their heritage dictates. 

  • There are many other less common races that walk the realm.

Special thanks to the LARP Adventures Writing Team, Betsy "Arion" Chapman, Donald Wayne "Xoticus" Barton III, Ryan "Sir, Randy" Anderson, Julie "Meryn" Nieznay, Lucas "Grisson" Antosh, Sarah "Laya" Lipman

Many thanks to all of the players that have helped to shape and grow the story of Osterra.


Osterra is a Hub-world

The world is known as Osterra, it is a hub-world a nexus of portals to many worlds and a battlefield of the EverWar. We are strangers in a strange land, most adventurers have traveled through portals from other worlds and ended up here in Osterra. It is a world of medieval fantasy, low magic, with undertones of an older age, that was once high magic or possibly even high technology that few know of.

  • A great cataclysm caused the downfall of an advanced civilization, or so legend says

    • Many generations have passed

    • Ruins may hold relics or artifacts, remnants of past magics

  • Magic is a myth to the native people of Osterra and is met with fear, and lack of understanding when mentioned.  This is a realm of superstition

  • Natives

    • Anarchy reigns

    • The strong take from the weak and the weak scrabble to survive

    • Post Cataclysmic world

    • Superstitious and fearful

  • Novaregnus (New Kingdom)

    • Founded by Lord Osric and Lady Helena

    • Royalty from another world attempting to organize a new and just kingdom from the anarchy

    • They bring new logic, reason & magic

    • They gather together the people who have been called through the portals

    • Now ruled by The Council

The EverWar
As a traveler you have gained some knowledge, if you came through a portal you have some limited
knowledge of the multiverse. You have heard rumors of a never ending war, the EverWar that rages between the forces of light and dark, good and evil, law and chaos.

  • The Multiverse is engaged in a war between the forces of what some would term good and evil  

  • Raging for eons since the first atom split introducing entropy and propagation

  • Key worlds are chosen as battlegrounds

    • Rich with primal life

    • Plentiful resources

    • Great magical potential

    • Hub-worlds that connect to an infinite number of worlds, dimensions and universes, Osterra is one such world

  • Whoever possesses these worlds has an immeasurable advantage in advancing the Ever War in their favor

  • Osterra - A hub-world of great strategic value in the EverWar


You understand something of the gateways that have brought you to this world. . . but your memories are not clear, the portals that brought you here are unstable. You sense that it is more than coincidence that warriors from many different worlds have ended up here and you among them.

There is a legend circulating, a legend of Orbs, that once controlled the Gateways, but the Gates
themselves were long ago destroyed, as is the legend of these people. There was a great cataclysmic battle that destroyed everything that once was.

  • Orbs - Ancient artifacts

  • Much is shrouded in mystery regarding the orbs

  • They seem to work in pairs

  • A door and a key

  • Undetermined number of sets

  • May be able to do more than act as door/key

  • Could be crystallized magic or the heart from a particular world’s Ley Lines with some sentience of their own

It's a world rich with creatures, griffons, and dragons, ogres, trolls, and more that can be found dwelling in the untamed reaches of the realm. A whole fantasy world to explore full of heroes, villains, kingdoms, and adventure.

There are enchanted items, poisons and potions it is a high fantasy world. Magic is one of the pillars of a strong fantasy story. However, magic in Osterra is very rare. It is not at the forefront of daily life, it's mysteries are there to be delved into, secrets to be unlocked. 

Holy items, relics and the power of faith are strong themes in fantasy and Osterra has it's own mythology and mysteries to discover. The great Arthurian myths and Tolkien's Lord of The Rings are inspirations to us. These themes echo throughout fantasy literature, and history. They are a part Osterra as well. 

adventurers at the portal.jpg

Portals are doorways between worlds


Osterra holds huge magical potential. Once the center of an ancient, powerful and advanced civilization, it suffered a great Cataclysm and it is now a gritty low magic world. Magic here is accessed though the Ley Lines. It's flow is limited due to a Mage War long ago that depleted and polluted its magical energies.

Ley Lines

Leylines are the source of all magic on Osterra and arguably throughout the multiverse. Energy produced by all living beings is collected in the lines and pools. There are great resivoirs of magical energy, but it is difficult to access. The Ley Lines are the like nerves and veins for Osterra, truly a living world. They are essential for the health and stability of the planet. 

The Cataclysm

The Mage War led to the Cataclysm that created the Blasted Lands. A scar upon the land, hundreds of miles of desolation, a barren waste where only abominations grow. Pollution, instability, and the drain and stagnation of the Ley Lines led to the creation of monsters and Dead Zones. The Mage War brought on the destruction of Osterra's great civilization. The end itself was caused by accident, in desperation the Risa Fae shorted out the Ley Lines.

In an effort to stop the Mages they caused a violent fluctuation in the Ley Lines that created magical feedback that cascaded through and reverberated in all of the Ley Lines on the planet. The explosion targeted all of Mages indiscriminately and those connected to the lines at the time perished or were driven mad. The mass extinction of mages caused their advanced civilization to plunge into an apocalyptic Dark Age.


To this day it is very difficult to access magic and the Risa Fae actively dislike magic users.

Risa Fae

The Risa Fae also known as the Green People are supernatural beings, they are a physical, and sentient manifestation of the living energy of Osterra.

  • Leader - Seo Risa

  • Magical/elemental guardians of Osterra

  • Magic is limited due to a Mage War that depleted and polluted the magical Ley Lines

  • Have spent centuries trying to repair the damage of the Mage War and suppress the use of magic

  • They seek to return the world to balance

They have little power left to defend Osterra from invasion by forces who wish to use their world as a steppingstone in the EverWar and enslaving its inhabitants.

They have called to the travelers through the portals for help and are testing those that have headed the call.


  The world of LARP Adventures is based on YOU, what you can do, how you react, how you problem solve will tell the story. Osterra is the sandbox. It's not just a brutal world of combat and never ending battle (there will be plenty of that), but it is also a world made up of people. Artists, craftsmen, a community of dreamers a world of beauty, and music.


There will be puzzles, and riddles to solve. Locks to pick, hearts to break, love and glory to win. Your actions will become tales for the bards to sing.

  Our goal is to create a world, an immersive experience that will enthrall and entertain YOU. 

 LARP is a shared virtual reality that we experience live and in real time together. We look forward to sharing the experience with you.



Nightmare beings from the negative material planes that have a hierarchy of evil. They are bent on the destruction of all that is good, domination, corruption, and perversion of the multiverse and the subjugation of all other beings.

Some deamons of note:

  • Orzalon is a general in the conflict known as the EverWar, waged for eons between the forces of light and law, chaos and darkness, good and evil. Orzalon intends to use Osterra as a staging ground for further expansion into the multiverse, since it connects to many other realms. He has sent his minions to prepare the way and spread The Corruption.

  • Sicarius The Red is an insidious deamon. A malevolent force that takes possession of his victims, working his evil plots forward and leaving a wake of ruined lives.

They have enslaved multiple worlds including the Orc's home world. They can corrupt other’s and enslave their minds. Those who have been corrupted might also be able to infect others. Their first goals are to control the portals and wipe out resistance.

The Corruption

The Corruption is an accursed plot to utilize the baser instincts of rational beings to bring about their downfall from within and sow chaos and evil among the ranks of the forces of Law and Light. It is used to further the cause of darkness in the EverWar. So insidious is The Corruption that most people don’t even realize they have been infected.

Necromancer portallrg.jpg

Shagarash the Vile

Shagarash is a powerful Orcish Sorcerer in service to the daemon Orzalon. Shagarash acts as a Lieutenant in this conflict, travelling to various planes and setting the scene for invasion by orc and daemonic forces.


Having learned of the hub-world of Osterra, Shagarash has been commanded by Orzalon to travel there with a small elite band of orcs to open a gate to the daemonic planes. His task is to prepare the way for an invasion of evil and opening a new front in the EverWar.


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