LARP Day Adventure - TROLLMAS

Saturday, December 7th, 2019 at 12 PM – 4 PM
Burtonsville Park
15600-15964 Oursler Rd, Burtonsville, Maryland 20866


Adventure Day - Immersive Live Action Role-Playing & Combat Scenario Event - $5 Event fee
(Day Events are FREE for new players email for more info)

Come out and enjoy an afternoon of LARP. Explore role-playing, character and unit development, weapon & skill training, Land events & battle scenarios.

Trollmass- Every culture celebrates the holidays in a different way, join us for our seasonal troll hunt. There will be trolls! Mass combat! ...and trollball and battlegames! As well as the celebration of the first seasonal harvest for the land game.

Join us in our LARP Adventures at Burtonsville Park
12PM on August 10th, 2019
Check-in starts at noon
15600-15964 Oursler Rd, Burtonsville, Maryland 20866

Day Adventure


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