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Creating Your Character Journal
Your character journal can be as unique as your character. How you decide to structure it is up to you. Will you;

  • Create a simple skill list for each of your characters you may play in one book?

  • Keep it in a hybrid style with short "journal entries" about your training???

  • Have your journal function as both a skill tracker and as your spell book?

  • Create a full blown journal that chronicles your backstory, adventures, training, and more?

So regardless of if you use one journal per character, or track them all in one book (should you play more than one over time), you can customize your character journal to fit your personal vision, as long as it has the following things in case a trainer or game official ever needs to verify your training to resolve a game or safety issue. ,

Character Name

Your journal/spell book needs to list what character the skills/spells were trained under. This is so that both when training, and in the case of a journal review, admins can verify that the journal is yours.

Similarly, if you are using the same journal for more than one character you play, there needs to be clearly separated areas between the characters, so there is no confusion which skills / spells have been trained under each character.

Skills Trained

The skills trained must be clearly labeled. If you are using a more story oriented structure, consider having section headers, underlining skill titles, or some other method so that they can be found quickly.

As each skill is trained, your trainer will sign off the skill in your journal. In some cases this may also note a date, a limitation, or other information the trainer needs to note. (For example, bow training often includes a note about where the point blank cutoff is for your bow - to help you remember.)

If you are creating a more creative journal format, feel free to request that they sign their name in a placeholder in your prose, so that it fits your written narrative.

Recommended Extras

Though your book only really "needs" to clearly note the character, it's skills, and spells, there are some additional items you may want to include consider.

Attach a Writing Implement

Trainers should have something to sign off your journal with, but you never know when their tool has been lost, broken, or run out of ink/lead. Additionally your journal makes a perfect place to put game notes, work out translations, and more. So a writing implement is always a good idea - unless your character is illiterate and you want to play it! 

Note Your Player Name

It can be subtle, but having your actual name somewhere in your journal (maybe in the back cover?) can help your book get back to you if it becomes lost during game and admins need to get it back to you, or hold it til the next event. Many players and even NPCs spend time and money to have a nice journal and it would be a shame to not only lose such a nice book, but to have to try and rebuild / retrain your character(s).

We do not recommend putting contact information in your journal. Although we all enjoy playing together, you may not wish to have just anyone getting your personal contact information. But your player name is enough to allow the event admins to contact you from your event registration information.  But But

Add a Wrapper, Cover or Pouch

As you need to keep your journal on your person during play, you should consider how to protect it from the elements. So having a small enough journal to fit your pouch, or a pouch large enough to fit your journal, is key. But if it's not waterproof, consider adding a period looking wrapper of some kind, or a leather wrap/cover. It can not only help protect your journal, but add to it's appearance. But Bu

Sample Minimalist Journal

Tier 5 Rogue with "Thief" Path Cap

Tier 0 - The First Event

Armor Use

Shield Use

1 handed weapon

Tier 1

  • Disable Traps 1

  • Dagger

Tier 2

  • Dual Wield

  • Non Metal Armor Repair (minor)

  • Optional Training: Lock picking 1

Tier 3

  • Rogue Skill Trainer - Disable Traps

  • Armor training 1

  • ​Optional Training: Lock picking 2

Tier 4

  • Non Metal Armor Repair (major)

  • 2 handed weapon

Tier 5

  • Rogue Skill Trainer - Lock Picking 1

  • Bow

  • Path Cap Choice: Thief

    • Disable traps 2

    • Obtain a master lock picking list at the start of each event

    • Can train remaining class weapons

    • Can train remaining class skills

    • Can train remaining weapons trainer skills

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