Crafts and Skills

A place to highlight your projects and for discussion on making of equpment as well as tutorials on weapons and armor.

Oct 30

Recently I've been working on on leather crafting and getting some idea's out of my head and into real world. Strangely that seems to be taking to work on Orc armor. Yeah that's not where I started of
Mar 27, 2018

Adding pauldrons to my leather jerkin. I had originally made a set of courbullio, wax impregnated leather shoulders for this armor that I used to wear with a chainmail apron, but that was some 20 yea
Jun 21, 2018

For those who may like to create something unique for themselves, but have no idea where to start, this thread will document my progress creating some new leather armor for my character. Hopefully som
May 15, 2018

Ever since Sir Ceannric's first post of portals on the Facebook page, I've been inspired. I've incorporated ideas from it into my character's backstory. And because of it, I've liked the idea of makin

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