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Basic Garb


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If you are joining us on an adventure for the first time costuming, what we call garb can seem a little overwhelming, but it is all part of the fun. First off, with your Adventurer - Full Package you will get a tabard for your garb, this is basically a large rectangle of cloth, sometimes fancy, that you pull over your head and belt at the waist, or tie with a sash. If you want to take it a little further there are so me easy things you can do to make your base garb really cool.


For us the goal to strive for is HBO/Movie quality, that means we are primarily going for looks good vs actual period garb.

You can spend a fortune and lots of time collecting and making garb, but here are the basics, and it all DIYable.


As far as Basic Garb requirements. . .

Tunic - A simple tunic made of natural fiber or looks like natural fiber, like cotton, linen or wool, for first timers a neutral colored or black t-shirt without logos or at least turned inside out. Go the extra mile and cut out the collar in a simple "key pattern" and remove the cuffs on long sleeved tees.


Pants - Pants that are not denim or cargo pants will suffice. No bright colors, mostly earth tones and muted colors that would be possible with natural dies.

Footwear - For shoes, wear something black or brown if you cannot afford or do not have boots. Leggings or leg wraps are a good alternative or accessory to cover modern footwear.

Bring a belt - A ring belt is a great accessory and easy to make. Wide oversize leather belt or cloth sash is a good starter piece and super easy to find or make.

A cloak is also a great piece to have in your kit and as easy as two rectangles of cloth sewn together strategically with a tie string for the hoodie.

If anyone needs any help getting stuff together let me know.

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