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Oct 30

Hi tehre, I'm a spanish larper, i need found some vests to create my role player Geralt the rivia, at now i'm looking for a best vest or weapons to create my accurate player, but I onlye found this we
May 6

This is not meant as a fully comprehensive, or mandatory list, it's just recommendations, and reminders to try and think of things to bring that will keep you comfortable, and help with your enjoymen
Jun 22, 2018

Hey Guys! So after my last LARP Adventures experience I am really excited to start crafting my main character for a more long term RP persona. Long story short, I'd really like this character to be a
Jul 28

Starting a table top game of D&D 5e in Culpeper Va. Will be a weekly event Day or night to be determined but most likely Sat. or Sun. at 7 PM. Will be starting with Lost Mines of Phandelver in the yea
Feb 20

Bauble awakens with a squawk to find his beloved grimoire missing. He had found the tome weeks earlier in the Temple of Tharros, easily bypassing the wards placed there, not even taking notice of the
Mar 19, 2018

These are just to help keep the site neat. Failure to follow any of the following rules will result in a warning, ban, and in most serious cases, an IP ban. 1. No Flaming Flaming is considered anyth
Jul 7

I got a question today from someone looking forward to coming to their first event. "I was wondering what I do for my first event. I know where to go, but how do I prepare for something like this?" Gr
Oct 2, 2018

Has anyone drafted up a map of Osterra or Nova Regnus? What about a timeline?

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