Jul 31, 2018

A Letter to Meryn

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"Wait for me, just a second!" I called out to Geth.


On our way out of town, I finally decided to go through with it. A week after the RItes of Spring I wrote a letter to Meryn, one of the Sentinels present at the orb ritual. I've been holding on to it since, but have been a bit too busy and to prideful to send it. But the events of the Rites keep dwelling on my mind, as well as what Geth has told me about the last Summer meeting. I've decided that its time I asked for help.


I handed my letter and coin to the courier and left on another job.



To Lady Meryn, Sentinel and Celestial Healer


I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am the one known as Grayson, and I am requesting assistance in a personal matter. Since coming to this realm of Osterra last April I’ve been searching for a way to restore my magical abilities, to no avail. I’ve sought the help of the Tharrosian Xoticus, who has taught me of ley lines and a simple lighting spell, but the personal manifestation of magic still eludes me.


Where I am from magic is channeled through the user from a higher power and not from the individual, which required years of personal study and dedication. I follow the teachings the Lady Altheda, Goddess of Light and Healing, and it was through her blessings that I was able to use magic. I’ve come to the conclusion that since entering this realm I’ve lost all connection to the Lady Altheda, and in turn my magic ability. It has been...frustrating, to be unable to perform the skills I've train years for, and I've had many sleepless nights thinking about it.


I write to you not in prideful arrogance, but in the general concern for others. I was there at the Rites of Spring, one of the few warriors there protecting the ritual site from the orcs. It was good fortune that I did not leave my weapon in the tent. I helped to the best of my abilities as a warrior, but after seeing the orb ritual fail and after hearing my friend Grisson’s tragic story I wish I could do more.


We have never met formally, only in passing, but I understand that you may be one of the main authorities to the healing magics of this world. I am asking to learn from you the ways of healing, and hopefully restoring my magic in the process. I am willing to pay for tutelage, either in coin or in service. I will be traveling around the country will my friend Geth, and I hope to see a reply from you soon.





Cleric of Altheda 


Sep 16, 2018

A letter to Grayson, Cleric of Altheda,


After reading your letter I thought long and hard about how to respond. Your request seems earnest, and the little I remember of you has left me feeling hopeful. Prior to the Summer Wars I would have said yes to you, thoughtlessly believing that everyone brought through the portal only had the good of Osterra in their hearts. Things have changed. Traitors abound and I know nothing of your goddess and very little about you. I tend to avoid the company of those who claim godhood at the best of times. Past experiences have taught me to be...wary. However, you seem to have great respect for Altheda and I do remember you fondly if vaguely.


So, I give you this quest - convince me of HER worthiness. Show me why she deserves such loyalty and devotion. Prove to me she sides with the Light in the Everwar, and I will move mountains to help you connect with her again. Prove to me YOU are of the Light.


Think long on this before you answer. This is no small task I have set before you. Without direct contact with Altheda how will you convince me? (OOC - I'm implying that if you can't convince me, you might end up facing trouble. We can't have rouge mages running around willy-nilly now, can we?)


Yours in Light,

Meryn, Healer of the Longren


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