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Nov 15

Sept. 16th - a plot update for those who are lost or need a reminder! Journal of mine...I am weary - in body and soul. It is all I can do to take up the pen and get my thoughts written down after the
2 days ago

Your Majesty, I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. I am sure you are aware there was no plan for me to return to Osterra in any capacity, be it official or unofficial until
3 days ago

Few have met Krow and fought with him but is he truly what he seems or is there an illusion about. Is that his face of a rugged warrior who has dawned steel armor. With magic and relics that litter th
Nov 6

Much has happened since I ended up walking through that portal into this world of Osterra. It doesn’t feel like so long ago, but I’ve been keeping busy, especially recently, but to get to that I
Sep 18

The Order had fought hard to keep the Assanitatem Ligaturam Cucurreris out of the hands of the Guild of the Black Sky, despite the Guild insisting that the artifact be kept by a neutral party. Though
Aug 31

[This is story thread to introduce a new character that, Lord willing, will be making an appearance at the Autumn Adventure] Chapter 1: The Blasted Lands Burning blinding sun Gasping choking
Jul 11

As I write this, it still baffles me that I somehow found myself here. The events of the past year just don't seem real to me. There have been many tales of worlds beyond my own, but they are mere sto
16 hours ago

Ceannric struggled to his feet, reaching back to grope at where he still felt the sting where the arrow had pierced his chainmail--and his back. He wasn't sure just what had happened there...all he kn
2 days ago

The Settlement of Confluence, or as Venture Farno insists on calling it, the City of Confluence, lies in the foothills south of the World's Spine Mountains. The settlement is a bustle with constructio
6 days ago

The Guild of the White Ravens is founded on a primary belief: That the advancement of the sentient races is built on the principles of truth and fair dealing. The founders of the White Raven are prim
Oct 21

The Crown would like to recognize Lady Althea, and celebrate her conspicuous bravery in the face of demonic incursion.  She is distinguished for rising to the occasion in the investigation of what w
Sep 16

*Note this is a place for in character (IC) role play and discussion. All events described below take place in game, between events. Please pull up a chair and enjoy some mead next to the fire, thank
Aug 8

"K" thinks to himself as he absent-mindedly fumbles down a ladder in the library that he has been organizing in an old building. Wondering how there can be so much dust as unrolls another foreboding s
Jul 7

Like all ventures and profits in the service of Pecune, I began my work in the church as an apprentice venture, and it was our duty to balance the books of the church. Money would flood into the holy
21 hours ago

Two individuals from a realm where their gate has just opened from the ripples of the cataclysm. Brothers of the Free Company known as Ravens Marque. Their world is constantly in one conflict or anoth
2 days ago

Let all know the story of the White Ravens, who faced the first full grown dragon in Osterra. Certainly, the Guild of the Black Sky had caught a young dragon unawares and slain it, but what honor is t
Nov 14

Mages learned to tap into ley lines reaching across the realm of Osterra to harness energy. They used this power as they willed. It did not go unnoticed. The Risa Fae, self-appointed stewards of the
Sep 24

Since my last entry, my life has been turned completely on it’s head. I’ve gone from monster-slaying vagabond to fullblown landowner and partial leader of a rather large guild. This sense of community
Sep 5

"Hello friends.. Is Egar here to make for you public announcement of services. No no. Not Egar giving you services. Egar is let you know about thing so that you know about it. Ok? Yes. Is good." "Ok
Jul 17

To all the public, As the times change, we must all change. With the wild world throwing new threats at us, we all must adapt. Both people must adapt, as well as organizations. Since the founding of t

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