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Elizabeth Biz Diedrick
Apr 17, 2018
In Roleplaying
Hey Diary! Nice to meet you, haha! I figured since this is my first entry, I should tell you about myself! You know, in case someone finds you and wants to know my story, y'know? Well! I grew up in a nomadic elven tribe...well, I say elven, but there's all sorts of people there! Elves, half-elves (with all sorts of halves), and people of the forest! To other elves we might seem a little...ah, free? Immature? Liberal? Something like that. We call ourselves the Moonlight Flowers, and all of our surnames start with Moon, so if you join the tribe, your name is changed! Well, you don't HAVE to, but most people like the new start, and the sense of community. My father's an elf, Arathorn Moonwillow. He's an excellent hunter. I've never met my mother, well, at least in my memories! Father doesn't like to talk about her, whenever I would ask he would look so sad, so I stopped asking. Nobody in the tribe talks about her much either, but I know her name was Cadenza, and she wasn't an Elf, obviously. Anyways, my father raised me well, he's great! But, I just felt like something was missing, y'know? I found the first piece of it when we visited a villiage, and heard the bard. There's music in our tribe, of course, but it's so...I dunno, calm and repititious? And people didn't really sing. I saw a whole different world- and I was enraptured! My father says I'm quite the romantic, haha. These people, their music, were so interesting! I knew I wanted to get out and explore, finds all sorts of music, and bring joy to others, sharing these personal, intimate moments with them. Haha, I guess that sounds little intense, huh? My father was sad to see me go, as was the tribe (though some of them were relieved, haha, I have a tendecy to cause...accidents), but he was very supportive and wanted me to go find myself. So, thus begins my journey! I'm attending a tournament soon, with exciting battles! I've never seen much fighting, but it seems so exciting! I can't wait. Well, I should go, I gotta go sing for lunch, haha! See you next time, Diary!~

Elizabeth Biz Diedrick

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