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Everybody wants to be a hero.


LARP Adventures, Mountain Run Winery,  

and Renaissance Women Productions 


 The Knights of Culpeper

2018 Event Series

Winter Feast - Invitational Event

Rites of Spring - Weekend of May 12th

Summer War - Weekend of July 14th

Autumn Feast - Weekend of September 22nd

Fall Campaign - September 28th - 30th

at Mountain Run Winery,

in Culpeper, VA.

     Culpeper's history goes back long before its founding in 1748, the Culpepers served as Barons of medieval England from the 1300’s, as an ancient family they draw their lineage back to King Charlemagne, Charles The Great himself. The Knights of Culpeper draws on this rich history to create a new fantasy world with an annual schedule of fully immersive cinematic experiential Live Action Role Playing (LARP) events, right here in modern Culpeper, Virginia. LARP isn’t just about recreating history, it’s about exploring the imagination and making our own. We will be building a new history, created along with event participants that will be shared as an ever-growing story, chronicled with online updates, photos and video installments.


     As a participant, you will wear period costumes and armor, engage in quests, mock battles with foam LARP weapons (supplied LARP Adventures, LLC), you will get to partake in feasts, eat period food (prepared by local caterers), drink period beverages (like delicious honey mead made right at Mountain Run Winery), sleep in period tents (provided by a Virginia based Campaign Tents or opt to stay in your modern tent or overnight at one of the many local area accommodations) and listen to period music. The events will be documented by film crews (local area filmmakers), as well as a professional event photographer.

Event Packages and pricing 

Live Action Role Playing Events full of feasting, battle, adventure, and fun.

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