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Youth Event Package $25


Bring the kids out to adventure. Live Action Role Playing is great for the whole family kid's and young teens will get to learn basic role playing skils, safe play, and teamwork.


This Youth Event Package is for children from 7 - 12 years old can tag along, and those 13 - 15 may particapate as apprentices, squires and scouts in the main group after passing basic skill training with a Skill Master (also with parental supervision). Kids will be able to try padded weapons and participate in the adventure, along with a paying and playing parent or gaurdian.


Including the kids with a LARP Adventures Youth Event Package is educational, and a fun and a great way to get the whole family involved. 


Equipment $25

Rent a LARP Adventures approved hand weapon from us! You may be an experienced player, but you're from another realm that uses weapons different from ours. We want to make it effortless for you to participate. 


Your basic equipment add on also includes a tabard or surcoat. This simple costume piece can be used by itself, or as an accent piece to complete your garb. Not sure your garb is right for this event? Be right at home in one of our tabards.


You can also purchase new and fantasy/medieval garb and gear from the LARP Adventures contact us at for more information. There will be weapons and garb for sale at the event as well.

Not sure if your garb and gear is approved?
Wear your fantasy medieval garb and bring the gear you already have! Contact us at if you have question about approved gear.


Camping for kids with parental supervision is FREE

Camping with the family is free for kids under 16.

Youth Event Package

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