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Youth Event Package $25


Bring the kids out to adventure. Live Action Role Playing is great for the whole family kid's and young teens will get to learn basic role playing skils, safe play, and teamwork.


This Youth Event Package is for children under the age of 14.


LARP Adventures Kids Policy: Our LARP Adventures events are really meant for adults. Every family is different and overall it can be fun to share LARP Adventures with the young'uns. However, each family and child are regarded individually, some have proved problematic, some are great. Whether it be crying and screaming, or just a failure to understand boundaries, children under 10 are not really allowed in game. There are no official activities for kids or baby sitting services at LARP Adventures events so you are responsible to watch your own children. If you bring a child under 10 years old they will need to be supervised 100% of the time and not allowed in game areas, with the exception of meals. We generally *discourage* bringing young children as they will break immersion and someone will need to be responsible for them throughout the event.


Before you bring a child to an event you must first get permission from your faction, and or let the organizers know by contacting us at


A parent or guardian must complete and turn in a waiver. That said, here is the policy regarding ages for LARP Adventures events. Children under 10 are not listed as they should never be on the field. Kids of all ages at LARP Adventures events need to be garbed during game time.

Basic Garb Guidelines:


Players 10-13 may participate in the role play as Squires, Apprentices, helpers, or urchins with constant parental supervision, and no combat.


Players 14-15 may participate in the combat alongside, or supervised by parent or guardian. (Players 14 and up should have their parents sign them up using the regular Event Package)


Players 16-17 may participate, but have to have a parents signature. (Players 16 and up should have their parents sign them up using the regular Event Package)


The game is geared toward adult players. 16+ to participate in combat and adventure (with guardian sign-off) 18+ to camp without guardian present.


Also, there’s a standing content warning for violence, language, and faux-gore.


Our events are family friendly, but our events are geared towards adults in live action role playing, which includes simulated fighting, arguing, and more adult situations.


As stated kids 10 and up will be able to participate along side their parent or guardian, and lder kids  will be invited to try padded weapons and participate in the adventure with a paying, and playing parent or gaurdian.


Including the kids with a LARP Adventures Youth Event Package can be educational, and a fun and a great way to get the whole family involved. 


Equipment $25

Rent a LARP Adventures approved hand weapon from us for your child over 13! You may be an experienced player, but you're from another realm that uses weapons different from ours. We want to make it effortless for you to participate. 


Your basic equipment add on also includes a tabard or surcoat. This simple costume piece can be used by itself, or as an accent piece to complete your garb. Not sure your garb is right for this event? Be right at home in one of our tabards.


You can also purchase new and fantasy/medieval garb and gear from the LARP Adventures contact us at for more information. There will be weapons and some garb for sale at the event as well.

Not sure if your garb and gear is approved?
Wear your fantasy medieval garb and bring the gear you already have! Contact us at if you have question about approved gear.


Camping for kids with parental supervision is FREE

Camping with the family is free for kids under 14.



Youth Event Package

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