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Join us for a LARP Adventures Campout Event at our Oakenshield location in, Beech Creek , Pennsylvania! Combat scenarios, role playing, and camping fun.


Event $60

You'll be able to partake in a series of quests, and scenarios that are simple enough for those new to LARP to learn, but challenging enough to test even the most seasoned adventurer.


The $60 event fee grants you admittance to the event as a player, combatant or non-combatant. Your experience will start with an introduction to the basic rules and role playing training scenarios to help you perfect your adventuring, and combat skills. 


On Friday afternoon the adventure begins, you will be able to make alliances, and the game will be afoot, with a mix  of structured scenes, and encounters, as well as improvisational role playing that will continue throughout the weekend. There will be competitions, feats of skill, and quests to take part in, that are all part of an ongoing storyline.



Bring your own tent and join us camping on site for the whole weekend! 


Two days of adventure, two evenings of revelry, two nights under the stars, and memories to last a lifetime. What more could anyone ask for?


Oakenshield is a primitive campsite, equipped with porta-potties, and hand washing stations. You will need to bring drinking water in with you.  There is a well on location, and an outdoor shower. The creek water is good for cleanup and dipping. There will be some firewood provided, and there is ample standing deadwood, fallen limbs, and kindling for campsite firepits, and cooking. There is a communal tavern site, with grilling station. There are several established campsites, with plenty of space that can be cleared, and utilized on this beautiful 18+ acre property for faction and individual campsites.


The adventure doesn't end when the sun goes down, there is the night life of the tavern, campfires, night raids, and quests.


Participate in the day’s adventures and spend Friday and/or Saturday night camping with us at Oakenshield! Faction and individual campsites are available.

Food & Drink

This event is bring your own food, with camp cooking, and grilling. It is also BYOB. We welcome you to bring your own food to the event, and cook around the campfire, or at one of the onsite grilling stations. There are campfire pits in each faction camp, and the great encampment. There is also a charcoal grill, and gas grill available for players to prepare food on in the tavern or Great Hall area. There is running water on site, but the only potable water is water you bring in with you.



Equipment +$25

Never LARPed before, or your game doesn't use the same kind of weapons we use, no problem! Rent a LARP Adventures approved hand weapon from us! You may be an experienced player, but you're from another realm that uses weapons different from ours. We want to make it effortless for you to participate. Your basic equipment add on also includes a tabard or surcoat, if you need help with costuming. This simple costume piece can be used by itself, or as an accent piece to complete your garb. Not sure your garb is right for this event? Be right at home in one of our tabards.


You can also purchase new fantasy/medieval garb and gear from us here at LARP Adventures! Contact us at for more information. There will be some weapons and garb for sale at the event.

Wear your fantasy medieval garb and bring the gear you already have!

Not sure if your garb and gear is approved?

Contact us at if you have any questions about approved gear.


Oakenshield Event Package

  • $60 The Event cost includes training and orientation from an experienced LARP veteran and participation in the full range of events and quest activities through the weekend.

    We work hard to give a good overall production value and immersive environment for each adventure. The game designers & writing team of LARP Adventures create a fantasy medieval world for you to experience; a world of fun, fighting, role playing, intrigue, mystery and adventure.

  • +$25 The Equipment cost rents you everything you’ll need to play. We will loan and train you in the basic use of a medieval style hand weapon. 

    You will also be issued a tabard or surcoat, so you will fit right in with the fantasy medieval experience. We do ask that you review our garb policies and try to meet our minimum standards for BASIC GARB, even as a new player.

    You can purchase fantasy/medieval game equipment from LARP Adventures, contact us at for more information. There will be weapons and garb for sale at the event as well.

    Not sure if your equipment is approved?

    Want to wear your fantasy medieval garb and bring the gear you already have! Contact us at if you have questions about approved gear.

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