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Oct 06, 2022
In Roleplaying
(OOC) Iv had a background for Ulfrick since i first heard of LARP adventures but never really set it all in stone! its been a long journey since i started the game and decided that sitting around a fire, Ulfrick would look back on his journey with pride. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With one final stir, Ulfrick sat back on the ground and replaced the lid on the pot. The stew was coming along nicely and his stomach grumbled. The vidarians had just setup camp and with his tent assembled it was time to relax for the evening. The familiar sounds of camp life drift across his ears, and laying back to gaze upon the stars he remembered another camp, almost a lifetime away. He came from a similar tribe to his current adopted one. a nomadic people in the far north of another world. it was a harsh life, only the strong and god touched could survive. for a time Ulfrick was the former, but it wasnt until he grew into a man that he discovered he was also the latter. Raiding was his tribe's way of life and they were decent enough at it, not the strongest tribe but not the weakest. after a particularly brutal raid Ulfrick offered the eight skulls he took that day to Kharnath, the lord of skulls. That night a vision came to him. The air shakes with the voices of angry gods; With a mighty blow they smite the mountain top. Stone falls from the sky destroying all and carving mighty furrows in the ground. The sun vanishes behind a cloud of ash and smoke. All creatures of the earth and sky scream in fear and awe. Then silence follows, no noise except burning fires and death rattles fill the air. Then all eyes turn up to the mountain peak as they behold the horror and beauty of a swirling vortex of energy filling the space of what was a monolithic mountain. the next day he awoke and went directly to the tribe shaman. the one eyed and rotten toothed old man said it was a quest the gods had sent to test him. He ignored it as long as he could, how could he abandon his tribe for a dream? but night after night the dream returned, and a sense of foreboding grew. Finally he set off on his journey, to meet either his destiny or death. Two long months he traveled north, always north. the wastes stretched before him filled with mutants, beastman and other horrors. his sanity was tested as much as his body. until finally he saw the mountain and the end of his journey. the path up was winding and steep, several times he almost fell to his death but he managed to climb upward. Finally, he approached the vortex and fell. it was impossible to say how long he fell, minutes, hours, days or years? there was whispers and screams, laughing and crying and then suddenly he felt soft grass against him cheek and heard the thunder of hooves in the air. the fire was dim when he finally came back to the current time. he glanced at the fine war gear he now possessed and absently ran a hand across a book bound to his hip that always whispered to him. the gods had blessed him and he once again swore he would win their eternal glory, the glory of CHAOS!


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