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May 25, 2018
In General Discussion
Hey Guys! So after my last LARP Adventures experience I am really excited to start crafting my main character for a more long term RP persona. Long story short, I'd really like this character to be a Druid, and I'd like some advice on transferring Druidism to an RP Character, when Druidism itself exists in the real world as a religion. Maybe a discussion on creating RP World religions and their practices? With many things in RP, like magical creatures and elves, these things don't exists IRL, so we can have free reign sort of. But what are the 'rules' for crossing over things that exist in real life? The thing that prompted this is during the last LARP Adventures event, Julie/Meryn and I had a brief discussion about Crystal Healing and Chakras. Both elements people believe exists IRL she had been able to bring to her character through her healing magic. Since Celtic religion crosses over so closely to a lot of the RP elements, especially with magic, do you guys have any suggestions for how best to use Druidism, without disrespecting that actual religion its based off of? Or, does anyone know any Druids they could direct me towards who have crossed into the RP world? I'd like this to be an open conversation about RP religions, so feel free to throw in any ideas or suggestions! Also, do want to clarify I did clear this conversation with Skip, since it involves religion, but since its mostly RP based religion, we are good to go.


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