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Christopher Harper
Jan 06, 2020
In Rules Discussion
I have been giving a lot of thought on how to best track character progression. I know that there have been several instances while at an event that I have been confused as to what I should have my character get trained in so that he can advance to the next tier. I have my book that I have my trainers sign of on, but I felt that there might be a better way to track the progression. I automatically thought of the character sheets that are done up for D&D, but nothing I found really worked for what we do at LARP Adventures - so I designed a test character sheet for the Warrior Path. I think that this sheet could be either used at home by the player to track their progression, or it could be placed into a plastic report cover, rolled, and stored in a scroll holder on the player's belt. If the player decides to carry the sheet with them, trainers could sign off on it instead of the book that has been traditionally used. Let me know what you think. Honest criticism welcomed. :)

Christopher Harper

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